Your United Way Dollars At Work

When you give to United Way's Community Care fund, your gift is diversified to support more than 91 programs chosen by informed volunteers and professionals on the basis of community need. Through payroll deduction, your gifts add up! For example:

$5 Buys: One night of mortgage or rental assistance for a low-income family, which may include food certificates, bus tokens and gasoline vouchers.

$10 Buys: One day of camp including supervised recreational and educational activities for one child from a low-income family.

$25 Buys: One hour of consultation with a volunteer attorney with services that may include document preparation and courtroom representation for an indigent individual who is at or below poverty level.

$50 Buys: Two hours of parenting and anger management classes for an adult male or female to help them and their children deal with harmful situations brought about by divorce.

$75 Buys: One bed day for a low-income and homeless alcohol or drug addicted woman 18 year or older with services that include three meals and snacks, counseling, transportation to AA and NA meetings, doctor and welfare appointments and group work.

$100 Buys: Five days of preschool or before and after school care programs that include activities that help boys and girls u to 12 years of age develop their full potential.